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Rules and regulations

  Students’ Penal Code of The Ministry of Higher Education &Scientific Research Institutions no.160, 2007
According to item 2, article 37 & item 2 , article 47 from Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research law no. 40, 1989.
We issued the following instructions:
Article 1
The students abide by the followings:
First: Internal regulations of the ministry are to be followed strictly.
Second: Religious beliefs, national unity should not be violated or abused verbally or by action.
Third: Reputation of the ministry and its institutions is not to be abused verbally or by action whether inside the institution  or outside it.
Forth: Show high discipline and respect to the administration, teaching staff as well as other employees.
Fifth: In case of employment & scholarship, priority is given to the students who show high degree of discipline.
Sixth: Avoid acting any deed violating the rules inside the campus.
Seventh: maintaining the university, college or institute property.
Eighth: Timetables are to be followed and not violated.
Ninth: All the students should wear uniform.
Tenth: Avoid any practice or a call for any political, religious or social     oppression.
Eleventh: Avoid a propaganda campaign to any political party or ethnic group by posters or meetings.
Article 2
The student is punished by admonishing if one of the following is violated:
1-    Uniform is not worn inside the campus.
2-    Friendship relations are abused.
Article 3
The student is punished by admonishing if one of the following is violated:
1-    A deed which  deserves admonishing.
2-    When breaking the institution rules.
Article 4
The student is expelled for 30 days when committing one of the following:
1-    When getting warning for the second time.
2-    When abusing verbally one of the university personnel except the teaching staff.
3-    When he ruins teacher’s reputation whether inside the institution or outside it.
4-    When posting posters against immorality inside the campus.
Article 5
The student is expelled from the college in not more than academic year when committing one of the following:
1-    When committing one of the deeds mentioned in article 4 for the second time.
2-    When practicing or calling for racism or political groupings.
3-    When attacking one of the personnel except the teaching staff.
4-    When using violence against his colleagues.
5-    When threatening to use weapons.
6-     When carrying any weapon without permit.
7-    When making deliberately or undeliberately damages in the property.
8-    When abusing the national unity or religious beliefs.
9-    When abusing verbally one of the teaching staff.
10-     When abusing verbally or in action the reputation of the university.
11-     When making actions against the teaching system.
12-      When practicing deception with his colleagues or other    institution personnel.
Article 6
The student is expelled forever from the institution when committing one of the following:
1-    Doing again one of the items mentioned in Article 5.
2-    Using force against one of the teaching staff in the institution.
3-    Practicing an act against the moral values.
4-    Submitting any forged documents knowing already about the forged ones.
5-    Practicing an act against security inside the campus.
6-   Imprisoning for more than one year for committing immoral acts.
Article 7
1- When the student commits a violation , not mentioned in items 2,           3,4,5,6 , he will get punished according to the law.
2- When committing a crime outside the campus,he will be subjected to the institution penal code after the court judgement.
Article 8
The dean forms student discipline committee under the command of his deputy and two professors and a representative of the students.
Article 9
The punishment is not issued unless recommended by the students’    discipline committee.
Article 10
The punishments are issued by a decision made by the College Board. The board can authorize the college or institute.
Article 11
1-   Warning punishment final.
2-   The student who gets expelled in not more than 30 days can submit objection to the College Board.
Article 12
The student has the right to submit an objection mentioned in Article 12 within 7 days after he gets informed. When he is not informed, he can submit an objection in 15 days.
Article 13
Expel decision is posted on the notice board for a period not less than 15 days. The student’s father is notified on paper.
Article 14
Students’ penal code no.19 in 1989 is considered cancelled.
Article 15
These instructions are put in action after publishing in governmental newspaper.