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This lab is one of the important tools in the field of planning, geography or surveying. GIS lab uses the up-to-date techniques to analyze very big data in a short time. It is so hard to analyze this enormous data in traditional methods. According to the college view, GIS is one of the essential courses the students take during their academic life.

The Aims of GIS Lab                

The lab trainers and teachers aim at teaching the students to use this system in a professional way as well as using the data in projects and planning studies.

GIS Lab Services 

  • Delivering theoretical materials and training to the students.
  • Preparing the maps for the researchers.
  • Conducting GIS training courses.
  • Making maps for GIS applications for governmental institutions.
  • Preparing curricula and researches to develop using technology in universities.

GIS Training Courses               

  • Using Arc GIS – Level 1
  • Using Arc GIS – Level 2
  • Using Arc GIS – Level 3
  • Using navigation system devices GPS
  • Auto CAD – windows platform
  • How other software are related to Arc GIS

 GIS Maps

The lab offers the following maps with data attributes depending on GIS applications and Web GIS:
  • The Holy Shrines in An Najaf and Kufa.
  • Historical Sites in An Najaf City.
  • Health Institutions in An Najaf City.
  • An Najaf and Kufa Neighborhoods.
  • Schools in An Najaf City.
  • Land uses in An Najaf City.
7-Administrative borders of An Najaf districts and sub-districts.

Survey Lab

This   is one of the important labs in the field planning, construction and survey. Students, engineers as well as planners get a lot of information in the field of planning, road construction and survey. The lab is equipped highly advanced equipment. The students get practical classes in engineering survey as part of planning courses. The students get classes in using the survey equipment professionally.

The Lab Services

Survey lab provides the following services:
  • Delivering classes and training in the field of survey.
  • Training courses and giving assignments to the students.
  • Preparing contour maps for city planning and infrastructure.
  • Training courses to the staff and college personnel.
  • Conducting researches to improve using technology in university learning.

Survey Lab Training Courses:

  • Leveling Device
  • Theodolite Device
  • Total Station
  • GPS
  • Planimeter
  • Drawing contour maps
  • Leveling works
  • Calculation the amounts of digging and leveling the ground.
  • Surveying program “Surfer”

Soil Lab:

 A number of tests can be conducted in this lab. Also, scientific researches can be conducted in a number of fields: soil characterized by the following engineering problems: high permeability, low resistance, or high groundwater level.

Soil lab Services

A number of soil tests and services can be done regarding characteristics of soil, explanation of results, provide consultations and all types of studies related to soil.

The Soil Lab aims at:

  • Improving academic and practical experience of the students.
  • Encouraging students to conduct projects.
  • Collaborating with other academic institutions.
  • Providing consultation to the community (private companies, Public Departments)

Devices and Equipment of the Lab

  • Electric drying oven 100 C
  • Electric Burning Furnace
  • Sensitive scale (accuracy: 0.01 Gr.)
  • Mechanical Sieves Vibrator
  • Electric Mixer
  • Soil Regular Permeability Device
  • Direct Shear Test Device
  • Unbound Compression Test Device
  • Three Axis Compression Device
  • Measuring Joining Device
  • Field Density Test Device
  • Sieves of different sizes
  • Thermal Source
  • Aluminum containers of different sizes
  • Density Cylinders of different sizes
  • Clay Bowls of different sizes
  • Thermometers
  • Different Tools for Soil Tests

Types of Soil Lab Tests

  • Sieve Analysis of Soil
  • Soil Moisture test
  • Direct shear Test
  • Permeability Test
  • Compression Test
  • Liquidity Limit Test
  • Field density Test by Sand Displacement Method
  • Field density Test Cutting Cylinder Method
  • Impurities Density Test
  • Measuring Permeability Test of Soil

    Environmental lab:                                   

    This lab helps maintain the safety of the Iraqi environment. It is equipped with modern and advanced devices in the field of environment. The lab helps to execute the joint projects between the university and public departments. It also provides services, environmental consultations, conducting lab tests for research projects, water tests, and air pollution tests as well as measuring of noise level. It also provides a database about Iraqi environment and the sources of pollution.

    Contents of Environmental Lab               

    The lab contains the following modern and advanced devices:
    • Absorption test Device AAS
    • Ultraviolet Spectrum Device UV
    • Measuring Chemical Need of Oxygen Device
    • Measuring Bio need of Oxygen device
    • Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in water Device
    • Alum Proportion Device
    • Gas measuring Device ( CO, H2S, O2)
    • Noise Measuring Device
    • Water Samples Measuring Device:
    • Water temperature
    • PH
    • Hardness
    • Alkalinity
    • Electric Connectivity
    • TDS
    • Salts Concentration (Nitrate, Phosphate, Sulphur ….. etc.
    • Chlorine ,Chlorine Dioxide

    The Environmental Lab Tests

    • Atomic Absorption Specrophotometer
    • UV Test
    • Measuring Chemical Need of Oxygen
    • Measuring Bio need of Oxygen
    • Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Water
    • Proportion of Alum
    • Gas Measuring in the air
    • Water temperature
    • PH Measuring
    • Hardness Measuring
    • Alkalinity Measuring
    • Electric Connectivity
    • TDS (Total Dissolved Solutions)
    • Noise Measuring
    • Salts Concentration Measuring
    • Chlorine Measuring