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Dean’s word

     College of Physical Planning (Department of Environmental Planning and Department of Urban Planning) represents a field of human knowledge that combines  art and science together. Moreover, it has strong relation with other humanitarian and scientific fields. Thus, the successful planner is the one which deals with society and the culture of the nation. He looks at its past and future to produce authentic work that meets the needs of the society, serves the environment and local culture, and develops it in a distinctive constructional style which keeps the relations of parts of a building with its surroundings, other quarters, district, city, region,  and the nation according to the required Islamic concept of the human and environment.
College of Physical Planning at the University of Kufa forms  a significant addition that enhances its status in serving the community needs and attracts students to provide the province and the country with graduates who are able to use the latest techniques of constructional planning to work in the planning and environmental institutions.
The college has been established  in 2011 with two departments (Urban Planning & Environmental Planning ) to be the first one of its type in Iraq and  an attempt from the university to cope with the development in this knowledgeable field. The college hopes to complete all the buildings and increase the number of scientific departments by adding new departments, like the Department of Infrastructure and Department of Architecture. It also tries to attract more qualified teaching staff. When the College of Physical Planning opens the doors for their students and starting the first academic year, it hopes they will find the best chance to obtain the latest scientific and planning skills so as to improve their capabilities and increase the chances of their involvement in the labor market and serve their country.
    We hope that the website of our college would enable everyone to get an idea about the college and to be useful for the users with a number of services that benefit the professors, employees and students of the college. From Allah we get aid.