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Department of Environmental Planning

  • Improving the scientific level to cope with wheel of urbanization.
  • Creating planners equipped with moral values as well as scientific knowledge to serve the community by physical sustainable  development.


  • Developing the teaching as well as training staff to solve physical problems according to the changes and updates.
  • Activating the role of ongoing education.
  • Supporting the scientific research by spreading the culture of improving the environmental, urban, physical and living levels.
  • Creating planners capable of competing at local, national and international levels by adopting the latest technology in teaching and learning.


  • Creating planners capable of using natural resources in the best way to keep the natural balance of the environment elements.
  • Achieving the concept of “Sustainable Development”.
  • Developing and updating the department curricula periodically to cope with the up-to-date changes in environmental planning sciences as well as the requirements of the labor market.
  • Creating partnerships and agreements with governmental and vocational institutions to find the successful solutions of the environmental and urban problems.


 Department of environmental planning strives to follow up all the developmental updates through a comprehensive view in development plans such as maintaining the physical and natural environment. This is done by the perfect exploitation of the resources and by maintaining the natural environment ( water, soil, air ) and the study of the mutual effects between the environment and living and not living elements.
    This department also strives for planning to improve the physical environment and uses technical applications in planning and in of physical & environmental design. This is achieved by department programs and continuous work to develop them.
 Welcome From the Chief of Department

 The term “environmental planning” is primarily governed by environmental dimension as well as the expected environmental effects for development plans for short and long periods. This type of planning is concerned with environmental resources in a way we can make use of them without causing any harm to the environment. There is an environmental critical limit we should stop at and never cross it in order to avoid opposite results that could ruin all environmental plans projects and environmental catastrophe may occur.
   Environmental planning is that type of planning which yields plans of development environmentally. It should be emphasized that environmental planning is not a separate line in planning. It is the application of the environmental concept and the right environmental vision in all plans of general development. Its origin is derived from the relationship between environment and development which is complementary and not clashing. Environmental planning is adopted to achieve a balanced use of environment resources. This balance is mandatory because of the rapid increase in population which is considered a big problem. On the other hand, technological development is growing very fast. That produces very big pressures on the environment in a way a lack of balance may occur to threaten life.
    Department of environmental planning is one of most important departments in the college. This department is integral with the department of urban planning. This department mainly aims at introducing a comprehensive study to the concept of environment and its elements because it is the living space for the human. It also aims at creating procedures to improve the environment in order to achieve the ultimate goal which is the concept of “Sustainable Development”. This concept is the reason in developing and improving of all the advanced countries.
     We welcome this academic year 2012-2013 by getting a strong will and determination from Allah (SWT) and by getting instructions from the deanery as well as the presidency of the university. We have made this plan with the support of all the teaching staff in this department in order to be executed in a perfect way to meet our ambitions. The purpose of this scientific plan is to develop this department and it is done by thirteen seminars with the teaching staff and ten with the undergraduate students. Besides, three research papers have been conducted by the undergraduates to shed light on the environmental problems in An-Najaf Province. This department also invited many of Iraqi university professors and An Najaf department managers. Two workshops and forum have been conducted, three field visits for the undergraduates, and finally employment MA and PhD holders in this department.
Assistant Lecturer
Alaa’ Taqi Al-Ieesawi
Head of the Department

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