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Department of Urban Planning


Achieving sustainable development in economic, social and environmental fields.
Creating urban planners to effectively contribute in space development and able to understand and solve urban problems.
Creating urban planners as positive leaders in their group equipped with scientific and practical qualifications to deal with current problems as well as foresee the future problems.


Continuous development whether partial or full in all fields regarding curriculum by doing our best to provide the best and the latest in scientific and applied fields.
Improving the proficiency of the teacher and the student as well.
Encouraging the teaching staff to use the latest techniques in methods of teaching to create planners capable of serving the community.


The department sets short, middle, and long-term goals:
  1. Creating students showing high level of manners as well as in scientific level of study.
  2. Presenting the best in curricula as well as in the teaching and training staff.
  3. Breaking the student’s fear barrier, developing creativity, and encouraging the students to join team works when dealing with the problems.
  4. Implanting the students’ self-confidence in learning as well as the way of dealing with scientific sources.
  5. Encouraging the students to visit the college library to write the theoretical and applied researches.
  6. Developing the students’ skills in the field of planning by providing up-to- date curricula and equipment such as computers, software and laboratories which serve the planning process at scientific and applied levels.
  7. Building a generation of urban planners to leaders in the future.


Department of Urban Planning opened in 2011. It is the first twin to the college of physical planning. It is the only department in a unique college among all colleges in Iraq. The graduate is awarded B.Sc in sciences of urban planning. The student studies different and up to date subjects to be a physical planner who will contribute in maintaining and building the urban environment.

Welcome From the Chief of Department

Generally speaking, Planning is science and art at the same time comprising a number of intended, organized and enacted procedures which can be executed at a given time on one or many spatial levels by group effort. Different tools are used to achieve the ultimate sustainable use of potential and available human and natural resources in a way to make the desired change in the society.  Urban planner is the person who is qualified to create projects and developmental plans for the present and the future according to social, demographic, statistical and economic studies. These are subjected to geographic, political and demographic effects to achieve the developmental goals in a limited time by means of the ultimate use of space in the domain of available resources on all levels: local, regional and national.
Dr. Arkan Ali Alnasrawi

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