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A master’s thesis discussion conducted by the College of Urban Planning

The College of Urban Planning – University of Kufa – conducted a discussion of the master’s thesis entitled (Empowering Governance to Address Urban Encroachment in the City of Al-Kifl) by the student (Zainab Muhammad Jaafar Al-Khafaji) on Wednesday, 10/5/2023. The thesis reviewed the problem of urban encroachment, which is considered one of the most common problems It affects sustainable development, and governance is considered part of high culture as it contributes to improving the quality of life by addressing and reducing this problem, and thus achieving sustainable development.. One of the research objectives was:
1) Reducing urban encroachment in all its forms, according to a scientific methodology.
2) Investing in the available resources and capabilities in the study area.
3) Hence its versatility.
4) Consolidate the principles of governance in the methodology of urban management to address negative phenomena.
On the other hand, one of the most important recommendations reached by the researcher was:
• Increasing awareness and culture of the concept of governance and its principles on the basis of community participation to improve the performance of government institutions to support governance in a manner that achieves sustainable development

This thesis was accepted as part of the requirements for obtaining a master’s degree.

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