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The College of Urban Planning holds a scientific symposium on seismic activity and risk assessment methods

The Department of Urban Planning at the College of Urban Planning held a scientific symposium on (seismic activity and risk assessment methods) on Monday 27-2-2023. The symposium opened with a fragrant recitation of the Holy Quran and the playing of the Iraqi national anthem, marking the start of the activities of the symposium, in which two research papers were delivered. The first was for a lecturer in the Urban Planning Department (Professor Abdul Karim Muhammad Baqir Al-Shamaa) titled (Technology of Strengthening Buildings to Resist Earthquake) and the second for the Scientific Assistant to the Dean of the College of Urban Planning (Dr. Alaa Taqi Al-Issawi), which was titled (Iraq on the Line of Seismic Activity – Procedures and Precautions ).
The symposium discussed the reasons for the occurrence of earthquakes through the movement of tectonic plates, as well as the theories that shed light on this phenomenon and the scientific explanation for its occurrence. The two researchers focused on the importance of the structural design of buildings and the strengthening of the construction code for earthquakes during the construction processes represented by the design of supports, joists and the shape of the facades, as well as procedures for addressing the design failure of the building In reducing the risks associated with the occurrence of earthquakes.
The seminar concluded:
1) The need to strive to prepare an Iraqi construction code that is consistent with the data of the impact of the phenomenon within the region of Iraq, a large part of which falls within the seismic activity zone.
2) Emphasizing the role of the supervisory side and activating procedures to verify the construction conditions that meet the seismic code.
3) The need to add these topics within the university educational curricula.
4) Strengthening the guidance aspect for individuals and groups to enable them to take the necessary measures when this phenomenon occurs.
The symposium was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Dr. Samer Hadi Al-Jashami, a number of representatives of the local departments in the province of Najaf, the faculty’s teaching staff, a number of researchers, and students of primary and higher studies.

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