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University of Kufa/Faculty of Physical planning

About Faculty


A achieving a pioneering role in the fields of physical planning on the local ,regional and international levels to arrive at supremacy in physical planning teaching programs which are acknowledged by international universities and also developing research and consultation units to effectively contribute in the country developmental projects

  • Ongoing development to physical planning sciences in order to prepare a physical planner capable of understanding and solving the physical problems in the light of environmental, social and economic changes.
  • Improving research capabilities to cover the society needs by creating planners capable of competing locally, regionally and internationally by using the latest technology information systems as well as methods of research. 


  1. Creating proficient physical planners equipped with understanding and scientific knowledge.
  2. Developing modern applied & scientific method in physical planning sciences to cover the society needs.
  3. Supporting fresh planners to achieve the requirements of profession and effectively competing and participating in different physical planning fields ,i.e. ,locally ,regionally and globally.
  4. Developing the students ability of creativity and innovation.
  5. Supporting and encouraging the student to adopt self- teaching technique and make use of planning information by following the scientific procedure in order to solve development problems.
  6. Making more cooperation with the local ,regional and global community via researches and joint studies in order to arrive at international standards and giving planning consultation in the environmental & urban fields .







College of Physical Planning (Department of Environmental Planning and Department of Urban Planning) represents a field of human knowledge that combines  art and science together. Moreover, it has strong relation with other humanitarian and scientific fields. Thus, the successful planner is the one who deals with society and  culture of the nation. He looks at its past and future to create authentic work that meets the needs of the society, serves the environment and local culture, and develops it in a distinctive constructional style which keeps the relations of parts of a building with its surrounding, other quarters, district, city, region,  and the nation according to the required Islamic vision of the human and environment.

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