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Division of quality and performance at the University College of Pharmacy \ Kufa University

Division is the quality and performance of the university in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the people of critical importance at the present time when practiced from an active role in the follow-up and completion of the evolution in the university community in general and the center of the University of Kufa , in particular , which is visible through our follow-up of the evolution of the witness of the Western world and the Arab world to an end , whether As our efforts privileged to get to the top of the stairs that we aspire access to work diligently in the service of society , it is the goals set by the Division of quality and performance campus of the College of Pharmacy, was one of the mutations quality and quantity at the same time, especially for the current academic year to what we have presented the offer served the for our college sweetie . especially follow-up scientific development continuing between the College of Pharmacy, University of Kufa, and Arab and foreign universities . well as to put a touch of development in all corners of the college and that it supports this development that we reached Mr. Shaker Shnawa favor of Dean, College of Pharmacy, Esquire to brief him on all the negatives and repaired as soon as possible in addition to our follow-up to the needs of people with special needs and implemented. worked magazine private Division of the quality and performance of university in addition to follow-up and the formation of special committees paragraphs distinguished employees or distinct branches of each month by the monthly reports as well as follow-up to the official books and wrote uncles issued by the university and answer them as soon as possible as well as to accomplish our tasks entrusted to us as soon as possible . follow us and to all of the activities of the college courses and activities set up missions and public relations send us monthly and periodically .     

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