Registration department is one of most important departments in the college. It organizes all the student affairs starting from registration to graduation. The number of administrative personnel is four.


1-    Registering new students.

2-    Distributing the students to the departments according to the grades.

3-    Auditing all the students’ documents to find out the forged ones.

4-    Preparing and filling all the documents for the students who postpone the academic year.

5-    Preparing, organizing and filling all the documents for the students who move to the other colleges.

6-    Issuing documents to the other colleges and governmental departments to help the students conduct the scientific researches.

7-    Issuing the students’ identification cards.

This department also identifies and explains the students’ penal code as well as examination instructions. It also coordinates with the scientific departments to encourage the students to participate in the scientific and sport activities. The department also keeps all the students records and all the information about them.

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